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So, what is MancMuse? Who are we? Well, in short, we are a team of dedicated writers, editors, photographers – here to bring you everything to do with Manchester arts & Manchester culture! We have come together to start the MancMuse project to write plenty of news, reviews & features to discuss everything about Manchester!

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Of course, we love keeping it local – that’s what Manchester culture is all about! Our reviews will cover many independent businesses in Manchester, meaning that there will be plenty of places in Manchester that you can only find in the glorious city.

At MancMuse, we’ll be covering everything, from amateur theatre productions to some of the best bars & restaurants Manchester has to offer. On top of that, you can expect even more reviews around the local music scene, with Manchester obviously being one of the best cities in the UK for the music industry!

We have a wide range of writers, with a variety of cultural backgrounds and different interests. However, the benefit for you exploring the MancMuse site is that it’s likely that there will be something for everyone! This is evident throughout our site, with a range of reviews and features.

Below, you can find out much more about what we have to offer at MancMuse. Our project is broken down into sections & categories, focusing on certain aspects of Manchester culture. Take a look!

What do we review at mancmuse?


In our GameMuse section, we will show you what each of our writers is currently playing! Whether that’s on PlayStation, Xbox, Nintendo Switch, Nintendo Wii (what year is it?), our writers play a wide range of games, all year round. In this section of our site, you’ll find plenty of reviews for you to discover.

As you may have guessed, GameMuse is not just games confined to the Manchester area – we’ve played games from all over! The gaming industry is as big as it ever has been, and the popularity of gaming is continuously on the rise. So, why not check out some of the best new games that we’re playing? If you fancy yourself as a gamer, see how your opinion compares to our reviews at MancMuse!

When it comes to gaming, everyone also loves a bit of nostalgia. Well, with GameMuse, you’ll also find classics that we love to play as a bit of a throwback. We’ll also be giving them a review – mainly seeing if they live up to the standard of what we thought they were like, back in the day.


As part of our MusicMuse, we’re going to be talking about everything – you guessed it – music! Of course, Manchester has one of the biggest music scenes around, everyone knows that! From Manchester Arena attracting some of the biggest names in the industry (as well as the Etihad & Old Trafford), to some of the most intimate gig venues, we’ll do everything we can to make sure we cover everything Manchester music has to offer.

Live shows are a great form of entertainment, and with the music industry opening up after the pandemic – over 15 months of no one being able to see a live gig – we’re finally back to some form of normality! Bands were itching to get back on stage, and now they have the opportunity to do so – great news! There’s plenty of gigs to go to in Manchester, every day of most weeks for the whole year! Have you seen our Revive Festival review from August Bank Holiday 2021?

As well as all of that, our writers will be bringing you in-depth album reviews from various genres of music, from each end of the music spectrum. It’s safe to say that our bloggers love listening to music – see what they’re listening to right here at

If that wasn’t enough for you, our team of writers are looking to get in touch with plenty of music names in Manchester, whether that’s artists themselves, promoters, or anyone else involved in the music world. Therefore, you can expect interviews to also be featured in our MusicMuse section.


As part of our extensive Manchester news, ScreenMuse is the place to find all things TV & Film! The main aim for us here is to bring you our different – sometimes controversial – opinions about a wide range of television series & films. Again, like we saw in GameMuse, we also have plenty of classics reviewed by our writers. Everyone loves looking back at some of the best films of the past – A Back to the Future review, anyone?

Our writers love visiting the cinema, and now they’re open once again, we can head to the big screen to watch the latest blockbuster films. There are a number of cinemas in Manchester, as well as the surrounding areas, so now our very own critics can go to watch the newest films around.

At MancMuse, we are constantly looking at some of the new releases coming out in the film industry, meaning that we can bring you reviews for some of the freshest TV & film available in the UK! Of course, our ScreenMuse is not limited to Manchester TV & Manchester Film, either – we’re reviewing much more! You can find all of our movie and film reviews at ScreenMuse – head there now!


Pubs, bars, restaurants, anywhere to gather socially – we all know that there are plenty of places in Manchester! We’re spoilt for choice when it comes to planning a day (or night) out, there’s so much to do!

Whether you’re looking to head to a particular part of Manchester for a day or night out, it’s likely that we will have a MancMuse review for a particular thing to do in that area of Manchester! So, if you’re heading to Deansgate, or the infamous Northern Quarter, then you should check out our SocialMuse to see where we recommend going!

The tourism industry in Manchester is a huge part of the community, which is great for those visiting and are looking for things to do in Manchester! With two huge retail shopping centres – the Trafford Centre and Manchester Arndale – we all know shopping is great in Manchester.

We are going to be continuously adding to our social reviews, so we will be able to bring you even more of the best places to visit! We don’t restrict ourselves to Manchester, either – our writers are all over the North West in general, so expect reviews from Liverpool, too!

For more information and our latest reviews of just a selection of great bars, check out SocialMuse today – read our Ramona review for a top pizzeria!


The last part of our MancMuse project is StageMuse – where our Manchester news specifically looks at theatre and performing arts in and around Manchester! The city is definitely one of the UK hubs for theatre, acting, dancing and performing.

As well as the Manchester School of Theatre, the city is home to the Arden School of Theatre, The Dancehouse, and plenty of other performing arts schools & colleges. Each and every year, performing students will come from all over to attend some of the best theatre schools, and performing arts colleges to receive the best learning & teaching for the industry.

If you’re looking to attend a production, then you will already know that there’s a number of venues to get to! The infamous Palace Theatre in the centre of Manchester is the biggest in the city, which is a great venue to see some of the biggest productions in the country. If you’re looking for an alternative, then you can get to the Manchester Opera House – within walking distance of each other!

For smaller theatre shows, you can find plenty of venues dotted around, including The Lowry, based in Salford, as well as Hope Mill Theatre in New Islington. There’s also the HOME complex, with it’s new outdoor venue on top of it’s indoor theatre space! It’s safe to say – there’s a lot of stage shows and venues in Manchester – we’ll be reviewing many productions!

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