Lorna Dawson

"This reality's greatest gift is that imagination exists" - Lorna is a librarian, but she actually loves movies and theatre just as much as reading (shhhh … don’t tell the books!) When she’s not being inspired by fiction or film, you’ll find her writing poems about cups of tea and pieces of paper.

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Page or Screen? Y: The Last Man

In 2002, I’m not sure audiences would have been ready for a TV adaptation of Y: The Last Man. Almost 20 years later, society has changed. Its attitudes towards gender and sexuality have vastly matured, and continue to do so. And so FX have braved adapting the triple Eisner Award-winning comic for the screen in a 10-part first season.Read More


Free Guy (2021) Review

Free Guy is the latest in a growing list of films that take us inside the world of video games. As a fan of the likes of Wreck It Ralph, Ready Player One and Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle, I was curious as to whether Disney’s latest release could add anything to the canon. Expecting little more than SFX and the chance to spend two hours ogling at Ryan Reynolds, I was pleasantly surprised. Read More