I see cracks in the foundations of these imaginary structures you so ignorantly bow before.

Does my vision deceive me?

Or is it yours that deceives you?

You who practice blind faith in all other aspects of life.

Are you even able to see any longer?

To smell?



Have your senses not quit you, the way you quit sense long ago.

Have you not drifted off into a waking sleep, a sleep so easy to be woken from: by a kiss, a film, a song, an idea; a sleep that is simple to break yet not often broken.

Why? Why not?

Sleepwalking through life is easy; it’s safe. And who doesn’t like to be safe?

These days it’s better, more sensible, to be safe than to be happy.

And to be a safe and sensible sleepwalker is something that society sees as suitable…

Luke Spiby

MancMuse co-founder, content writer and editor-in-chief, specialising in arts and events reviews. Luke works as a TA in a college, and writes screenplays, stage plays and novels in his spare time. Luke also has experience in copywriting and marketing, and has previously directed and produced short films and theatre pieces, some of which have been in association with the Royal Exchange Theatre.

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