Burger Lab Ardwick Review

 Burger Lab Ardwick Review

Writing this with a very full belly, tonight’s mid-week takeaway treat has been delivered to me by the Burger Lab in Ardwick. Available on Uber Eats and the others, serving a variety of meaty concoctions, fries and sides – Burger Lab’s focus is flavour and plenty of it. With a whooping 12 burger varieties to choose from, you’re bound to make something from their menu your new favourite. There’s even a vegetarian option for those that must.

My ever-expanding waistline mightn’t agree, but one of the best things about having a takeaway is being able to order a little bit of everything. I did that tonight, but the portions are generous, and so my eyes were way bigger than my belly.

With such a large menu, make sure you have a good look before you settle on something. Or maybe it’s an excuse to keep going back. It’s reasonable you might want to try everything. Enjoy my Burger Lab review.

On the Menu:

Mixed Fries – Burger Lab

First up, I want to talk about this box of mixed fried. ‘It’s just fries’, you might be thinking, but being able to have skin on fries, sweet potato fries and curly fries all in one box is perfect for those of us that like variety, and those couples or families that each like different things. A nice selection of sauces to dunk accompanies, the Burger Lab’s own ‘Lab Sauce’ stands out as our favourite. Just like your classic burger sauce, it’s sweet and tangy, and the only pot we cleaned out.

I don’t think my photo does justice for quite how large a portion this was! There’s two of us eating and we still didn’t finish it. I’m without doubt that there’s enough here for a group of four people.

Creamy Mac & Cheese – Burger Lab

Joining the burgers – yes, I will get to those – was this Creamy Mac & Cheese. And it was just that. Creamy and cheesy. It’s as you’d expect, and reminded me of my mum’s home cooked mac & cheese – which isn’t a bad thing. It’s warm and gooey, and comforting. The only thing that could have made this better, for me, would be some chunkier, crunchier style breadcrumbs or maybe some crispy fried onions. That aside, this was just the comfort I needed after a busy day.

‘Spicy Biology’ Chicken Burger – Burger Lab

Now, you must forgive my lack of photography or presentational skill. I’d had a long day and was starving! It pained me to have to wait to take a photo before I could get my face into my food.

The first burger I dig into is the ‘Spicy Biology’ chicken burger. Fried chicken breast that’s been marinated in their special blend, dipped in their spicy sauce, topped with cheese, lettuce, Lab Sauce, and bundled together in a brioche bun. And oh boy, is this thing spicy! The chicken is perfectly juicy and tender. You get the flavours of the chicken breast coating – which is pretty top tier, by the way – and then the heat and tang from the spicy sauce. I like when I order something spicy and, when it arrives, it is actually spicy. Far too often spicy options still cater to those with a… delicate palate. I really enjoyed this and it’s the second chicken burger I’ve had recently that has left me questioning why I don’t eat them more often.

‘Cheese Chemistry’ Beef Burger – Burger Lab

Finally, the ‘Cheese Chemistry’ beef burger. Again, please don’t judge the photo. When you’re ordering something that has cheese sauce poured over it, you can’t expect the Monet of burgers.

This is two smashed patties, caramelised onions, pickles, lettuce, Lab Sauce, loaded with cheese sauce and sandwiched in a brioche bun. Again, this is a perfectly tender and juicy burger. I expect that’s down to the beautifully silky cheese sauce that’s in abundance. The pickles add sharpness and crunch, although I would have preferred a little more seasoning to the patties. If I’d have ordered two of these, I’d have made the effort to squeeze some more in – it is that good. The cheese is one of my favourite parts, so to have the burger enrobed in this cheesy, golden deliciousness is just heavenly.

I’ll Have to Head Back for Seconds… And Thirds…

Another burger place that was previously unknown to me, but is now on my radar and I’m craving more. There’s lots more on the menu – I’m now left with the difficult decision of going back for what I’ve enjoyed, or risking it to try something else. I have no complaints about what I ate tonight, and I’m confident anything they deliver will be top quality and excellent value for money.

I prefer not to compare restaurants as everyone offers something unique, but perhaps I’ll make a point of finding the top burger spots in Manchester. Burger Lab would certainly make it onto the list.

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