MancMuse & Sedici Promotions Present… The Pine Jackets

 MancMuse & Sedici Promotions Present… The Pine Jackets

As you’ve probably already seen floating around our website and on our social media pages, we are hosting an event! Woo! We cannot stress how proud we are to have our first ever Manchester live event (in partnership with Sedici Promotions) just around the corner from the festive celebrations! The headlining act is Bathtub, a two-piece rock band from Stoke-on-Trent, accompanied by 3 other bands: Red Shakes – the name of Bradford-born solo artist Sam Da Silva; The Stride, a four-piece indie rock band from Burnley; and The Pine Jackets, an alt/indie rock Manchester band. Luckily for me, I had the opportunity to have a sit-down and a chat with the members of one of the performing bands, The Pine Jackets, in celebration of them being a part of the first-ever MancMuse gig!

In Conversation With The Pine Jackets

In other exciting news, there is news from The Pine Jackets that a new EP is coming! Their EP is to be released in parts – the first single being released, then the second 6 weeks later, and the rest from there, with a total of 5 tracks. When asking about their creative process for the EP, TJ, who is on bass, responded with “half of the songs were already written,” in which Dylan, rhythm guitarist and vocalist of the band added that “he would write a guitar riff and I would show him the lyrics, we’d share it with the band and we’d just smash it out in the rehearsals twice a week.” 

The inspiration in general it seems is a mixture of the types of music that the band members like, such as blues & rock, to create their own style. Drummer Kieran Klein explained:

“From blues to battle. It’s a bit of both. It’s funny in a way that it works. It works well, but it shouldn’t work.”

Kieran Klein, Drummer

In response to the question of what the band’s songwriting process is – what, if anything, inspired them to write ‘No Piece of Mind’ – Dylan said, “not really much inspiration… Just in my bedroom writing the lyrics. We came up with a cool riff, wrote some lyrics behind it and it took a couple of days for us to get it fully shared and done”.

I asked whether the majority of the song’s lyrics are written in his room and if they are literal in meaning or just metaphorical. Dylan answered, “yeah. Sometimes I go up on the Hills behind mine, write music about what I can see. When I think of something, I’ll write it down and turn it into a story. ‘No Piece of Mind’ was a good storytelling song.” He then followed on by explaining that ‘No Piece of Mind’ is “about the war. When I went to sleep, that was kind of the inspiration. I rolled out of my sleep.” Kieran Weltz, lead guitarist, followed with “the ideas and dreams come from your personal experiences. So when we listen to the lyrics and get right into it, it’s because you can just hear it coming from Dylan’s soul, if he has one”.

We all know the opportunities for gigs last year dropped due to COVID, and now this year they are slowly appearing again, which got me thinking about, in a time of uncertainty, if the band had any plans for any upcoming gigs. “We’re in the process of going to places like Newcastle, Sheffield, Chester, Liverpool – the ones that are a pain in the arse to get to. Just to get some experience. And then when we’re in Manchester – that’s where we want to really start smashing it venue-wise.” TJ said that he would love to play at the O2 Ritz. “I played there before with a uni thing. It wasn’t a proper gig as I was only playing a couple of tunes and went off the pot. It was a really good sound in there.”

Staying sane in lockdown wasn’t easy for any of us. The band’s answer to how they stayed sane: they didn’t. However, that doesn’t mean that recording and rehearsing were impossible. Kieran K explained: “we could rehearse as the rehearsal room we used was open, and they were kind enough to let us use it, use the same room. And there weren’t many other bands there at the time because they didn’t know whether they were coming or going.” They believed that with the lockdown they actually had more time to rehearse and record their tracks, and found the experience to be a positive rather than a negative, with TJ adding “we had more time to play it, put it in the works, get it started and finish it.”

The Pine Jackets

The idea of collaborations is definitely something that comes to mind, especially on the subject of doing a remake of one of their songs with an orchestral sound to it, with them open to the idea of doing one – though TJ jokingly answered with, “I’d collaborate with Green Day and make them not shit.”

On the subject of collaboration, I also asked who they would want to tour with and why, whether that being a Manchester band or otherwise. Dylan responded with Metallica, and his reason is something we could all agree on: “It’s the meaning behind the songs for me, just the lyrics, the way they come across.”

The next question, which received a lot of interesting answers from each member, was what they plan on moving on to next, aside from the release of their EP and their plans for upcoming gigs. Their main objective, as Kieran W put it, is “to keep it going, build it bigger,” with Kieran K adding “maybe going to some festivals, planning albums, even touring out of the country if it’s possible; going up and down the country would be good enough.”

Aatma – Friday 10th December

Now onto the main subject of this talk, as already stated in the introduction: The Pine Jackets will be performing at Aatma. “I’m super excited to perform there; I liked the venue last time. It’s gonna be our first gig in nearly two years and I can imagine the atmosphere there’s gonna be mint,” Dylan told me when asked about the gig, followed by Kieran saying “it’s a very good venue and has a great mood to it. We’ve played it before and we’ve been wanting to play again!”

And like any band that is performing live that has a new EP, The Pine Jackets will be playing some of their new songs live! “You’ll hear four out of five of our songs. It’s our first time playing them live. We’re excited to see people’s responses.” When asked what they are looking forward to most about the gig, Dylan responded “the crowd’s energy, the band’s energy. Just want everyone to go crazy! We’ve played Sedici gigs before and had such a mint time.” This was followed by Kieran K, who said “same as Dyl – we know there’s gonna be a massive buzz for everyone there.” Kieran W added:

“The crowd – I have missed playing in front of crowds. It’s our first gig since the pandemic so we’re mega hyped up for it.”

Kieran Weltz, The Pine Jackets

We all know that Manchester is quite music-centric, and it’s been that way for decades; and for a band that comes from Manchester, but also performs there, Manchester gigs hold a special place in their hearts. “It’s a special gig to me because it’s our comeback gig, after nearly 2 years. All gigs in Manchester are special – it’s where we formed the band and it’s where we’re from.” Kieran Weltz also said ”Manchester gigs are great; as many larger bands before, we have had to play the same smaller venues and work their way up. Hopefully, we’ll follow in their footsteps” 

Did I already mention that MancMuse is sponsoring this gig? Apologies if I keep repeating the phrase “we are really excited”, because we really are, and so are The Pine Jackets! “It’s gonna be epic. I’m buzzing to be honest; I can’t wait to put on a show for you all,” Dylan shared his feelings on the event. Evidently, both Kieran K and Kieran W agree: “we’re nervous of course to make sure everything I do runs smoothly, but excited and definitely ready.”

With all that said and done, that basically concludes my interview with The Pine Jackets. We’re really excited (said it again!) to have them performing live at the MancMuse-sponsored event, alongside Red Shakes, The Stride and Bathtub. Come along to Aatma on December 10th for a great night out! Doors open at 7pm. See you there! Be sure to keep an eye out on our socials for more details regarding tickets.

MancMuse & Sedici Promotions Present…

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