MancMuse & Sedici Promotions Present… Our Gig Review!

 MancMuse & Sedici Promotions Present… Our Gig Review!

The night we had all been waiting for! Last night, we had four up-and-coming bands take to the stage in the heart of Manchester’s Northern Quarter at Aatma! Here’s the full review of our first ever event!

We were so excited to kick things off with MancMuse, and the talented bands that were playing were incredible! MancMuse really appreciates the work that Sedici Promotions had done – here’s what we thought of all the bands!

Red Shakes Kicks Things Off

Red Shakes
Image Credit: Jake Orton

After a lengthy soundcheck, Red Shakes were the first to take the stage. Sam Da Silva set out Red Shakes to deliver a great opening act. If no one was too bothered by the start, the attention of everyone in the room was captured by the end of the very first song!

While there was no Kings of Leon cover (if you know, you know), Sam & co. played a couple of covers that combined with the Red Shakes’ back catalogue to produce a high-quality 30 minute set for the opening band.

The Stride Follow Up

The Stride
Image Credit: Jake Orton

The Stride from Burnley followed Red Shakes, and continued the indie rock night at Aatma. As the room started to fill up, The Stride hit the stage with real intent. As well as playing the huge-hitting singles, like ‘Let it Out’ & ‘Live For the Now’, The Stride really are a band to look out for if you’re looking for a new indie band. Watch this space.

The Pine Jackets Continue the Indie Rock

The Pine Jackets
Image Credit: Jake Orton

The fan favourites in The Pine Jackets started their set with a great amount of confidence that continued throughout their set. Their talent made for their top sound, that really settled themselves in the Manchester crowd. It was The Pine Jackets’ first live show since before the first lockdown back in March 2020, so it was great to see them back on the stage. They’ll be back soon enough!

Our Headliners: Bathtub

Image Credit: Jake Orton

Bathtub burst onto the stage with their set, grabbing everyone’s attention immediately. Aatma is a small venue, but everyone in attendance was gripped by the two lads on stage. From their opener to ‘Friday Night’ (very relevant!), Bathtub had arrived.

Royal Blood – but better. That’s one of many ways to describe Bathtub. They actually played the cover of Royal Blood’s ‘Out of the Black’, and I did think that while they were playing, we saw the very early stages of a really exciting up-and-coming duo. Their performance was energetic throughout!

The crowd were just as much involved, and it capped off what was a great night. Bathtub are very much welcome back in Manchester, and we hope it’s sooner rather than later!

A big shout out to Sedici Promotions & the Aatma staff is also need – what a crew! A big shout out to the technicians, the bar staff, and Sedici once again – we really do appreciate it!

At MancMuse, we’re just getting started…

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