New Divide @ The Bread Shed

 New Divide @ The Bread Shed

We’ve seen Bathtub headline again, we’ve seen Red Shakes do a headliner, but now it’s time for a band that I probably have talked a little bit (a lot) about throughout my articles: New Divide. This is probably my last gig review for this month – but fear not! I will be covering a vast array of events soon in the upcoming months of June and July! 

Back to the subject of the matter, New Divide and guests Freddy Gilmore, The Stride and The Rolling People take to The Bread Shed to deliver a superb show which might have been their busiest yet (and rightly so!).

Freddy Gilmore 

Now, originally when this gig was announced, there was only going to be the 2 supports and the headliner, but as the weeks drew closer another support was added last minute – a name I’ve seen pop up in a few places: Freddy Gilmore. This solo artist gets down and funky with a variety of originals and cover tracks, especially with a groovy rendition of ‘No Diggity’ (I really like the way the kid works!). One of his originals that caught my attention completely was ‘Plastic’ – it’s subtle, it’s soft, it’s funky. He works so well on stage and he has the stage confidence to prove he knows exactly what he is doing. You had my curiosity but now you have my attention – it’s a matter of time before I cover a show with the main man himself! 

The Stride

You are probably very aware of who The Stride are after a couple of my engagements with them (such as them supporting Bathtub at the Aatma gig and doing a headliner at Retro Bar). You seriously can’t mistake them for any other band when they are wearing their Project North gear (a cause you should consider looking at here). It wouldn’t be a The Stride set without songs like ‘Let it Out’ and one of my personal favourites, ‘Far Away’. All in all they did superbly – lads, I definitely need to see you do another headliner soon!

The Rolling People

A band that I haven’t yet written about but have seen live before, supporting Bayboards (which you can read Meg Bonds gig review here), The Rolling People bring with them to the stage a class set list and a lot of support – hell, even Will Patterson from Bayboards made an appearance to watch these guys live! It’s no joke why they are somewhat well known – it’s their charisma . With some more songs and a nicely done version of Oasis’s ‘The Shock of the Lightning’, The Rolling People build the tension and musical hype and leave with a grand applause. Another band I will need to see do a headline for sure!

New Divide 

It’s only been a short amount of time since I first saw this band live, but my obsession has steadily grown and I was very happy to finally get around to seeing them do a headliner. Reintroducing: New Divide! With a brilliant drum solo from Eliza and a smashing opening song, they fill the room with such ecstatic energy. A couple of songs in and it’s already an extremely crowded area to be in (lucky for us, we were at the barrier). One song consistent throughout all of their gigs I recognise is “That Eighties Song” (I think the track list says it’s called “’80s”?) it’s a poppy and fun track that gets your spirits raised and puts you into a positive mood. Following that with their Killer(s) version ‘Somebody Told Me’ – of course they had to cover this song again!

I essentially know ‘All I Am’ word for word now and I’m not ashamed of it – it’s a great song that gets you into a more tranquil mood, where you start to see the influences from The 1975 and Wolf Alice seep in. And when it came to the ‘end’ of the show, we just had to start chanting for one more song – you just can’t get enough of these guys! And lucky for us it wasn’t just one more song, it was two, the first being ‘Rebel Yell’ (fantastic stuff) and the second song definitely made my night – ‘Delora’! For a song that is yet to be released, and the only place you’re gonna find a live recording of it is BBC Introducing, it’s definitely the song I was most looking forward to! It’s a fierce track with all the right types of riffs, vocals, beats and wild vibes – a great note to properly end on.

What more can I say
Now that you’re gone
I gave all that I am
I’m starting to break
Don’t say it’s too late
I gave you all that I am

New Divide – ‘All I Am’

Overall Thoughts of the Night 

Another night of booze, music, meeting and greeting, more booze and a 42’s after party – it’s safe to say this gig night was one of the best this year. It was great seeing Freddy Gilmore live finally, someone I definitely need to keep track of; whilst bands The Stride and The Rolling people, it was a pleasure seeing you play superbly. And I cannot stress nor mention this enough, but New Divide, you smashed it like always. 

Though it was apparent that me and Jordan essentially have become the Eliza fan club, it was great also getting to talk with other members of the band properly. It’s always a blast seeing this group live, never a dull moment – they put so much energy and fun into their set that time passes by and you feel a little sad that it’s over, but excited to see them again when they perform next! 

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