not your mainstream – A Music Podcast

 not your mainstream – A Music Podcast

By Meg Bond & Andrew Campbell

By now you will be all very aware of my film podcast “So, What’re We Watchin?“, that revolves around two mates talking about films they’ve seen, film news and a main topic. We’re not too far away from reaching episode 10, and we are continuously developing it as we go along. But, as I mentioned when I announced it, this isn’t the only podcast I have been working on.

That’s right – I have not one but two podcasts! And wouldn’t you know, this one is a music one! Me and the fantastic talent that is Meg Bond (whom I must congratulate for getting a place with Hits Radio) bring to you a very Manchester-based music podcast with the title of ‘not your mainstream’.

Following a more interview-style formula, we sit down with artists and band members we’ve seen live at gigs and events, getting them to share with us their stories and music. There will be funny moments and rather inspiring ones, as well as exclusive insights and information from the episodes themselves!

We currently have two episodes out, the first one with Olly from Bathtub, and the second with the Manchester punk band The Strangerz.

What else is there left to say? If you haven’t already, I suggest you go and give us a listen! And watch out for more episodes of ‘not your mainstream’ coming to Spotify, Amazon Music and Apple Podcasts very very soon! Until then, ciao!

Andrew Campbell

A book worm and film enthusiast, looking for more ways to make an impact within the creative industry. Andrew has gained experience through copywriting, blog writing, social media marketing and developing video trailers.

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