MancMuse Minis: Bodies Bodies Bodies (2022) Review

 MancMuse Minis: Bodies Bodies Bodies (2022) Review

We’ve had a couple of good horror movie flick reviews in the last few months and I’m happy there’s been some decent picks. However, it appears that streak is about to break with this review, because Bodies Bodies Bodies is anything but good.  

What starts off as a promising slasher/whodunnit turns into a platform for needless amounts of political messaging, uninteresting characters, and an ending that ruins everything the film could’ve been. All you’re really invited to watch is the film’s attempt to be a Gen Z horror that is anything but scary, or gory, or even watchable. Someone dies, and then the characters immediately make it about points that literally have nothing to do with each other. Half of the time you could literally see nothing as it was just darkness with some phone torches and glow sticks thrown in the mix to remind you this is a ‘party’, as well as random amounts of cocaine (because any 20-odd year old American does cocaine apparently). 

For something that’s supposed to be horror it’s more drama than anything. A few cheap jumps there, some eerie scenes that have no payoff here – the only scary thing is the unnecessary amount of shoehorning of mental instability, like “look at me”! The reveal at the end is the most anticlimactic thing I’ve seen this year since Moonfall – you could’ve just written the film as a full on comedy, rather than a hip satire for a small audience who will “praise it” for it’s messaging and it’s display of cardboard cutout characters. If I could rewrite this film I would, and it would probably be a lot better than this mess.

Don’t waste your time with this film, and go watch something that’s actually worth the suspense and slow build. Sounds good? Then have a read through of my review for Jordan Peele’s Nope. Or if you want an actual whodunit slasher, read my review for the latest Scream movie. 

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