MancMuse Minis: Day Shift (2022) Review

 MancMuse Minis: Day Shift (2022) Review

Vampire films, like many other sub genres of films, can become quite stale, repetitive, boring and too lovey dovey with romanticized stories and other needless elements that make vampires not that scary or terrifying. I miss when there was more action with vampires; where instead of trying to get into bed with them, characters were fighting to survive with stakes and garlic and anything that could put the undead back in the grave.

Well, my prayers have been answered with the release of Day Shift on Netflix – a vampire action slash comedy starring Jamie Foxx, Dave Franco and Snoop Dogg (you heard me right). 

Now I thought the comedic elements were going to be the main focus of this film, but the action and vampire slaying really takes over and sends you on a thrill ride. Sure the plot was a little cliché, but you can’t expect much else with a film like this. Jamie and Dave’s characters feel like a buddy cop duo, but with the vampire hunter twist with the experienced slayer and wimpy newbie; it’s pretty funny in a lot of parts. What I appreciate is that it feels like an old style 1980s action comedy that has a lot of enjoyability.

For vampire hunting, it brought a lot of the martial arts elements on top of car chasing stunts that make the action look visually appealing to look at, if you can handle the following: Snapping bones, sliced-off heads and a gore-fest of brutality. If I wasn’t already impressed by the use of coercionist for the flexible movements of the vamps, or the fact that the action scenes are coordinated by the same people as John Wick, it’s the fact that this film sells vampire hunting in a really awesome way. Parts of this film reminded me a little bit of Army of the Dead, and I feel like they were inspired by parts of that, and it works really well, especially in situations where there are mass amounts of blood suckers. 

In all honesty, if you’re bored and you want something with a little bit of adrenaline and heart stabbing, gun bolting action, Day Shift is for you. By no means is the movie perfect. The story, the dialogue, and the writing overall are all average, but it is clear what it is trying to be. You do, however, get crazy characters, a decent man struggling to make ends meet, comedy, and lead character banter – just some ol’ B-grade good fun really.

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