MancMuse Minis: Orphan: First Kill (2022) Review

 MancMuse Minis: Orphan: First Kill (2022) Review

Children in general can be pretty creepy, but imagine someone who appears as a 10 year old actually being a 30 year old Estonian woman from a mental institution – terrifying stuff. And that’s exactly what made Orphan iconic. And now, so many years after that film’s release, we get a prequel film, Orphan: First Kill

A little more background on Esther’s journey to America is provided in Orphan: First Kill. But the first family she joins has a few surprises of their own for her, giving the story a nice, juicy turn. Although it’s twisted, dark, cunning, and intense, it’s perhaps not as bloody or violent as the first movie. The movie is essentially divided into two parts: the first part introduces us to Esther’s history, and the second part takes a completely unexpected turn and immerses us in a world of utter madness and strangeness.

Isabella Fuhrman remains terrifying in the role and now makes Esther a slasher icon, and there are parts where you are actually routing for her, until you realise by the end of the film she still is evil, and what she will do next. I find the techniques used to make Isabelle Fuhrman appear younger surprisingly convincing. She still looked old in some scenes, especially if you see the side view of her face. But then she looked like a child in some scenes which surprised me a bit. I was surprised about how well they did the makeup. 

In a way this film feels like it came from the early 2000s – in the way it’s shot, the aesthetics and the characters, which makes sense for a origin film for a 2009 film. Sometimes the acting was a little clunky; there were some moments where the misty filter on the lens was a bit too much, and the ending was a bit rushed, but really it was an entertaining and intriguing journey to say the least.

Overall though this film is an absolute blast. Fans of the first Orphan film will love this I’m sure. Orphan: First Kill isn’t as shocking as the first movie in the series, but it’s just as good, and surely equally as entertaining.

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