Kong’s Chicken Shop: Taking Over the World!

 Kong’s Chicken Shop: Taking Over the World!

After starting a brand new venture in the fried chicken department, Kong’s Chicken Shop have already made huge progress in such a short space of time. I went to Clubhouse in Spinningfields on a lunchtime – one of the kitchens in Manchester that Kong’s have taken over. Here’s my Kong’s Chicken Shop review!

Kong’s Chicken Shop is a result of love for food & fried chicken. Top local chefs have come together to set up Kong’s & are here to take over a number of different sites across Manchester.

As part of their new venture, Kong’s have also taken over Clubhouse on Left Bank – where I visited to review the highly-anticipated chicken. After hearing about the chance to get as many wings as I’d like for just £15, I thought I best get myself down as soon as possible.

Bottomless Wings!

One of the amazing deals that Kong’s offers is their weekday ‘Bottomless Wings’ option – at just £15 per head. As many chicken wings as you like – it’s as simple as that! Our initial order consisted of two portions of Buffalo wings, as well as one portion of Korean wings. To accompany that, we had some salt & pepper tots.

Kong’s Buffalo Wings (top) & Korean Wings (bottom)

The buffalo wings were the first option that caught my eye – I’m a big fan of Buffalo seasoning. I’m a big fan of spice, and the Buffalo wings at Kong’s didn’t disappoint. In fact, I’d argue that they are some of the best Buffalo wings I’ve tried (I’ve had a fair few in my time)! The kick of the spice is evident, but is mellowed by the blue cheese dressing that is drizzled across the top.

On top of that, the wings are melt-in-your-mouth – the chicken is cooked perfectly. So, combine all of that into one dish of wings, and you’re in for a winner! The Korean wings are also extremely tasty, and are very contrasting to the Buffalo option. The two words I’d use to describe them are sweet & tangy – which compliment each other brilliantly. So, it’s safe to say that the first wings tried went down a treat – we wanted more.

Salt & Pepper Tots

As we ordered our second round of wings, we were happily waiting with our salt & pepper tots – balls of crispy potatoes topped with some lovely flavours. That includes a hint of the Korean sauce, which went with the tots just as well as it did with the chicken.

Shortly after enjoying them, the next set of wings came. As well as ordering another portion of both the Buffalo & Korean, we decided to try the other available wings. One option was the Bombay wings, where you can enjoy a fusion of flavour. With the chicken, spicy curry sauce is accompanied with a yogurt dressing, which tones the spice down again perfectly. The Bombay wings were that nice that we ended up ordering another portion – they’re just that tasty.

Bombay Wings (top) & Dry ‘n’ Hot (bottom)

My Verdict – Some of the Best Wings You’ll Try!

If you’re a fan of chicken wings, then look no further – Kong’s is the place to go! My favourite, on the day, you ask? (you probably didn’t) but for me the Buffalo Wings are the ultimate winner. The wings are packed full of flavour, with the sauces complimenting the tender chicken almost perfectly. While there’s a bit of a kick to it (how Buffalo seasoning should be), there’s much more flavour for you to indulge & they, for me, top the list.

Not far behind them were the Bombay wings, which really are delicious. All were to a top-standard, but those two were the highlights for me, personally. I’d also like to mention that there are plenty of alternative options on their menu, including veggie & vegan options – there’s something for everyone! With that said, as long as there’s wings, it’s more than likely that I will always order a portion or two of them.

Kong’s Chicken Shop’s Alternative Sites

As well as Clubhouse, Kong’s have taken over a few popular spots in Manchester. The first permanent location that the Chicken Shop settled was at Northern Monk Refectory, based in the Northern Quarter. If you were looking to get your hands on the fried chicken Sunday roast, then Northern Monk is where you’ll need to be!

Shortly afterwards, after a few trial runs, Kong’s found themselves setting up in the evenings at Foundation Coffee House on Portland Street. This came shortly before Kong’s headed to Spinningfields & Clubhouse.

On November 3rd, the chicken shop ventured out of the city centre to Didsbury, where they opened their kitchen at Head of Steam (HOS), bringing their top-quality burgers & wings to the south of Manchester.

Kong’s Christmas Market Stall!

If all of those different venues for you to try out weren’t enough, you’ll also have the opportunity to make a stop at Kong’s Christmas Market stall in the heart of Manchester! From November 15th all the way until the 22nd of December, Kong’s will be serving their tasty chicken from their dedicated Christmas market stall.

The stall will be part of Spinningfields Square, just off Deansgate! If I were you, I’d be heading to one of these sites & try some top chicken ASAP!

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