The Alchemist Liverpool Review

 The Alchemist Liverpool Review

Cocktails, food and a bit of magic too – that is how I would sum up The Alchemist bar. With bars all across the country, you’ll be bound to have an Alchemist near you. The one that I visited was in Liverpool. 

I’ve visited The Alchemist previously but never for food, so I thought I’d give the whole shebang a go. Let’s be honest, though: the thing that really draws you into this bar is definitely the cocktails. 

Booking and Getting There

The one in Liverpool is located on Brunswick Street, just off Castle Street. It’s not too hard to find but could also be easy to miss. In the past I have walked straight in. However, since we were having food we decided to book. We booked online and no deposit was required. It was straightforward and easy to do. 

When we got there we were seated quickly. It was nice not having to wait around on such a busy weekend. The server was lovely and friendly. She was patient with us as we were given some time to look over both the drinks and food menus. 

Food and Drink

The Alchemist Liverpool

To start with, I ordered the Cherry Poppins cocktail. It came with that little bit of magic in the form of a cherry-flavoured fog bubble. However, it popped before I could get a pic and then just looked like a normal drink. I felt my disappointment pop with it. 

Onward and upward, though – it was time for food. I ordered the chicken basket. I was delighted when it was served to me in a wired chicken! The presentation was delightful. The chicken strips came with a barbecue dip, fries and coleslaw. 

As wonderful as it looked though, the taste just didn’t match. I enjoy chicken that is soft and succulent. This was chewy and tasteless. I couldn’t eat the chicken strips as I got fed up with having to chew so much. My drink may have been fancy too but wasn’t big enough to wash the dry meat down. 

So of course I ordered another drink. This time I got a cocktail called ‘The Bong’. It came actually in a small bong! It was smokey as it contained dry ice to create the effect. I think this drink was the best part of my experience in The Alchemist on this particular day. 

The Alchemist Liverpool

Worth the Price?

The pricing is quite high for what you get. The cocktails tend to be £9 and upwards, and the drinks seem to be so small. So I guess you’re really paying for the special effects. The food for me definitely wasn’t worth the money.

In the past, I have been mesmerised by some of the drinks. Maybe the novelty of it wears off the more you go. But there are so many options on the menu, you’re bound to see something new each visit. The food wasn’t the best but I’d definitely go back to The Alchemist again for the quirky cocktail experience. 

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