The Treehouse Café Review

 The Treehouse Café Review

The Treehouse is a little artisan café in the heart of Salford. Serving a range of meat, veggie and vegan options of breakfast and brunch food, cakes, and coffees.

Natural light is shone throughout the café, with their floor-to-ceiling windows alongside their baby blue walls and wooden floors. Many patterns and pictures of dishes are scattered around the café. The music was a little too loud throughout our time there, playing a mixture of indie and rock music.

It was quite empty in the café – we went at around 2:30pm on a Wednesday for a late lunch. Though it was empty, it was a comfortable atmosphere. The staff were friendly from the outset, extremely helpful and smiley.

I had avocado on sourdough toast with an oat milk latte. You get a really good portion size of both the toast and the latte for reasonable prices too. For both, it cost me £6.88.

The Treehouse Café

Afterwards, I had a vegan lemon, raspberry and poppy seed loaf cake, which was gorgeous but rather pricey for what I got. The cake was £4.50, which considering I got a latte and 2 pieces of avocado toast for just £2 more felt rather excessive.

I wasn’t a huge fan of the toilet situation – the room is very narrow and enclosed, making it difficult to get in and sit down; then the sink was outside the room. I feel like they could have made it into a bigger room with the sink in too.

I would definitely go back to The Treehouse, but I would avoid the toilet and the excessive prices for a slice of cake!

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