The Washhouse Review

 The Washhouse Review

After hearing about this secret speakeasy-style bar disguised as a launderette from family members and endless TikTok videos, I needed to check it out for myself!

In a secret location in Manchester, The Washhouse offers a range of cocktails – there’s something for everyone.

We didn’t book beforehand (which it says you need to), so for us to walk in and be seated so quickly was brilliant. The staff were extremely friendly from the start – a waiter sat down with us talked through our likes and dislikes, then knew exactly what cocktail we would like.

The Washhouse

The drinks did take a little while before arriving to us (about 15 minutes), which we didn’t mind too much. Though it was a Sunday evening, the bar was quite busy; however, each of the tables was spread out evenly meaning everyone had their own space without it feeling cramped.

As a gin lover myself, I had a gin-based cocktail – ‘Respect Your Sambuca’. The only twist is it doesn’t actually contain any sambuca! Alongside the gin, the drink contained orange sec, elderflower sorbet and sparkling grape. It was absolutely gorgeous – quite like a mojito slush with a twist. It was £12 – definitely on the pricier side for a student like myself!

All the cocktails range from £7-£15, from non-alcoholic selections to the extremely strong. As I said, there is something for everyone’s taste.

The Washhouse

The bar itself was quite dark with dim lighting, although there were a few bright signs with quotes to add a pop of colour throughout.

Another good thing about this bar in particular is at the back of the menu it says if you don’t like the drink you ordered, you can send it back and get another one free of charge. They say they don’t want anyone to pay for a drink they don’t enjoy.

Despite the drinks being slightly pricey, I think for the experience, service, and quality, it is worth it. I will definitely be going back again for another cocktail – or two!

Katie Morgan

Hello! My name is Katie Morgan and I am a student journalist in my last year at the Uni of Salford. I've got a passion for radio and writing articles. I'm going to be reviewing restaurants, bars and cafes around Manchester for MancMuse!

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