Veganuary Gems: Doner Summer @ YES

 Veganuary Gems: Doner Summer @ YES

The finale of our little Veganuary trio (it’s not late, how dare you) is Doner Summer at YES. Over the summer I essentially lived at YES, the perfect spot for a date, a cold pint on a warm day, and a fun club night in The Pink Room. Now we are shaking off the January blues, YES is the perfect place to venture out and grab a cocktail and try some of the best vegan food in Manchester. 

Doner Summer, as well as having a great pun name, offers vegan doner kebab wraps, crispy fried vegan chicken, and their iconic pink aioli. 

The food

Doner Summer’s kebabs are packed with bright veggies and their own Seitan doner meat, which gives all the kebab goodness that every self-respecting clubber craves without the gristle. They are so good I have converted many a meat-eater to crave them every time we are out. 

My personal favourite and go-to is the crispy vegan chicken platter, which is customisable with heat level, sauces, and fries. On offer are flavor varieties of salt and pepper, Korean BBQ, and honey butter. All served in generous portions with fresh fries, sprinkles of spring onions, and the option of pink aioli (which is so good it really is a must rather than an option).

Filling, hot, tasty, and vegan. Job done. It’s easy to understand why they now have locations in Manchester, Leeds, York, Sheffield, Hull, and Huddersfield. I for one welcome our new Doner Summer overlords (Simpsons, anyone?) 

My previous reviews in this series – check them out if you haven’t already – have mainly been at home or on-the-go options, so why not celebrate the end or beginning of your vegan journey with great food in the rooftop bar. 

Now dear readers it is the end of MancMuse’s Veganuary reviews *Boo* but if you want more or have any great Manc vegan recommendations, please let us know in the comments. 

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Annagh O'Malley

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