Wing Dash at Hatch (Review)

 Wing Dash at Hatch (Review)

Wing Dash, set in the industrial yet charming arena of Hatch, is one of the latest wing shops (is that even a term?) to hit the streets of Manchester. But what makes another fried chicken place stand out from the rest? Well, I took a couple of friends to check the place out – here’s my review.

Dashing Wings Done in a Dash

Yes, that’s a pun – sorry, Mr. Editor! Maybe I could’ve gone for ‘…done in a jiffy’, but you know… not as fun. Either way, I’m diverging from the point. All you want to know is ‘are the damn things tasty?’ And the answer to that is yes – they are wings, done very well, with a solid variety of flavours. 

Frankly, though, it’s really quite difficult to describe wings without being prosaic, right? We’re hardly talking about anything complex. So I’ll just break this review down into three core components: the venue, the service and the food. Let’s fly into the review (well walk, maybe, as chickens can’t fly).

Wing Dash

Le Venue – Hatch*

The venue is more in the hands of Hatch than Wing Dash Manchester. I’ve been a few times – mostly for pints – but I enjoy the solid mix of restaurants and bars on offer. Also, the concept of being able to order anything from anywhere, all from a single table, appeals to me. It’s like having a whole night out in one place. 

In regards to placement, they’re comfortably placed in the bottom left hand corner with plenty of surrounding tables. There’s even a gazebo close by for those made of softer stuff, but we opted to sit in the elements next to a handy heater (an absolute necessity as Jason decided to wear a t-shirt on the stormiest day of the year) – though, we of course braved a pint. Nobody’s drinking tea on a night out. You can read more about Hatch in our FUKU review.  Andrew does a much better job of describing what’s on offer. 

*Hey, Mr. Editor, I went a bit French to jazz things up. 

The Service – Great Stuff

Because Mancunians are generally made of stern stuff, Hatch was surprisingly busy for a blustery and bitter Friday evening. As such, Liam was on his feet quite a bit. But he soon got around to serving us, providing us with pointers as to what we should enjoy.

The Food – Cluckin’ Brilliant 

With his advice, we opted for a variety of wings – Buffalo, piri-piri, garlic parm and even the cauliflower wings. There are a few more on offer though, including lemon pepper, BBQ and Buffalo hot – but sadly we’re not machines and instead opted to remain sensible in our purchases.

[Jason’s Impartial and Potentially Slightly Tipsy Review: Wing Dash Manchester is one of those places if you didn’t see it, you wouldn’t know it’s there – but my God, what a place. Firstly, and most importantly, the chips were by far the greatest chips I’ve ever had. The wings were equally as fantastic – even the cauliflower wings, which as someone who usually despises anything veggie, were immense. Very satisfied customer; check this place out.]

Enjoying Wing Dash wings and chips with a pint

I particularly enjoyed the parm and garlic wings – which, on first thought, shouldn’t work; but then, in retrospect, is obviously a work of genius. Cheese and garlic works so well, and combined with the crisp batter of the wing, was just, you know, top. Moving on to the Buffalo wings – they were decent. Not too spicy – I’ve actually enjoyed Buffalo wings in Buffalo, New York, and they knocked my socks off – but they do offer a hot version for the heat seekers out there. The piri-piri wings were also great and knocked Nando’s off their perch. 

As mentioned before, it’s almost impossible to be elaborate when it comes to wings. In my experience they’re either terrible or great. These were great – Wing Dash Manchester are the best wings I’ve had in Manchester this year. 

Oh yeah, the cauliflower wings – forgot to review those. They could convince me to turn vegetarian. Maybe. Texture is just like chicken. Flavour is great. Could chomp on those all day long. 

Check out our other Manchester restaurant reviews, including our very own Burgerism Salford review, part of the team behind Wing Dash Manchester! Or, why not email and join the team!

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