Six: The Musical @ The Lowry

 Six: The Musical @ The Lowry

A Pop Mashup of Classic British History

I am not usually a fan of musicals like Six. I’m not a theatre kid. I’m not even a huge fan of Hamilton (shocking, I know). But there’s a spark to Six that pulls you in, theatre fan or not. 

As a fan of Horrible Histories and British Royal history, my TikTok ‘for you’ page kept showing me snippets from the West End version of Six: The Musical. Videos of Anne Boleyn turned pop princess showed up again and again. Eventually, I caved; I had to know more. Before I had even finished listening to the full soundtrack, I was in love and searching for Manchester tickets.

Divorced, Beheaded, Died; Divorced, Beheaded, Survived

This musical takes the six-word rhyme that every Brit is familiar with and shows you the wives behind it in a modern retelling.

The six wives of Henry VIII tell their stories through a pop concert as they battle to see who suffered the most during their time beside the infamous king. The wife with the most baggage becomes the group’s lead singer.

The Appeal

Using pop music to tell these stories opens it to a far wider audience. Six is accessible to everyone, whether or not you’re usually a musical theatre fan. Not to mention, it is a fantastic way to learn about some classic British history. 

Not only does it have incredibly catchy songs, but it uses humour to tell these sad stories and reclaims history for the wives. 

Each wife had their own style of wit and charm, but the stand out wives had to be Maddison Bulleyment’s Anne Boleyn and Jodie Steele’s Catherine Howard. 

Anne Boleyn’s ‘Don’t Lose Your Head’ tells the story of the temptress who split England from the Church in the funniest song of the whole show. It shows Bulleyment’s fantastic comedic timing while also telling the wives’ most compelling story. 

The second wife to be beheaded, Catherine Howard, had an emotive song with a powerful message amongst the laughs. ‘All You Wanna Do’ shows the sad reality for women during this time. Steele had so much charm. She had the audience close to tears one second and then laughing and dancing the next.  

The Verdict

Six: The Musical is a captive retelling of the story we all thought we knew. In just 80 minutes, this show brings these Queens to the 21st century with sass, wit, and songs that’ll knock your socks off. This musical changed my theatre experience. 

If you missed Six: The Musical at The Lowry this time around, they’re back in August 2022, ready to tell their stories all over again.  

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