Vibe Coffee Review

 Vibe Coffee Review

Vibe Coffee is a specialty coffee bar in Salford, Greater Manchester.

Located on Broughton Road, the café is newly opened and serves sandwiches, coffee, tea, and a selection of cakes. They have gluten free and vegan options available.

The interior gave me a modern diner feel. Light grey flooring, blue brick style wallpaper and a variety of celebrity singers’ portraits around the café. Alongside, a few musical instruments hung on the wall (such as string and brass instruments). The windows are as tall as the ceiling with plenty of natural lighting throughout.

We went to Vibe Coffee on a Thursday, late afternoon (around 4pm) and there was nobody else there. The man working behind the counter was extremely polite from the start; he brought our drinks and cakes over to us at the table once we had ordered.

Vibe Coffee

I ordered a latte with oat milk, which was £3.20 and a Vegan Snickers Bar, which was £2.95. I think these are a bit pricey for what you get – the likes of Starbucks is pretty much the same price for the latte and cheaper for cakes, etc.

I wasn’t a huge fan of the Vegan Snickers Bar, but the latte was nice. Getting it with oat milk made it 60p more expensive than getting it with regular milk, which I am never a huge fan of.

Overall, the atmosphere and interior was pleasant, but the quality of food/drinks and prices are not the best – or student friendly. I’d be unlikely to go back to the café.

Katie Morgan

Hello! My name is Katie Morgan and I am a student journalist in my last year at the Uni of Salford. I've got a passion for radio and writing articles. I'm going to be reviewing restaurants, bars and cafes around Manchester for MancMuse!

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